Here are some example needs,
where we would welcome volunteer help:

  • A person who would enjoy writing a very short newsletter about our recent
    activities and our clients four times a year.

  • A receptionist who likes meeting and talking to people from different

  • Researchers who get pleasure from surfing the Internet for information about
    various country conditions.

  • A well-organized person who knows how to make papers disappear
    temporarily into designated files (from which they will magically reappear
    when needed).

  • A mission-outreach type individual who would enjoy making contacts with
    other congregations and spreading the word about our mission.

ALSO: We still accept some household goods for our clients, particularly
blankets in cold weather, and personal kits for the newly arrived.

                    If of interest, please contact us to discuss
                                    volunteer opportunities

                                        Call 610 259-4500
                                          or 717 396-9300
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